Saturday, July 9, 2011

The First Ever Philly Area Techno Contra! Oh my!!

It's official! October 22 is the first ever Philly area techno contra! Yours Truly has the honor of co-calling the evening with Donna Hunt to the music of Double Apex.

So what is a techno contra? Well, if contra dancing were like bowling then a techno would be the cosmic bowling version. Except no throwing of heavy objects is involved (unless you're overly enthusiastic with twirling your partner).

So now I step into the unknown and think about programming. I'm personally glad I'm doing this gig with someone! Donna is a great caller and a great person, and it's gonna be a GREAT evening!

Below is a teaser video of Double Apex. Don't forget to visit the event page on facebook for more details! See you there!

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